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Bringing back a sense of calm aligning with your Soul

The ancient Japanese healing art of Usui Reiki

The healing art of Reiki is translated from Japanese as 'Universal Life Force'

Pronounced ray-kee, the first part of the name 'rei' refers to Soul, Spirit, Universal Energy. The later part of the name 'ki' refers to the breath of life as the energy force.

Reiki is used alongside main stream medication and treatments. Always follow your normal treatment plan. Your Reiki Practitioner should always suggest you ask your doctor to review your medications to check if you still require the same dose if you are receiving regular Reiki.

What happens during a treatment?

You as the client focus briefly on the topic you wish help and Reiki Healing to resolve becoming aware of the affects on your body physically as well as emotion and consciously.

Reiki energy is passed through my hands into your energy field and into your body. Its so gentle and subtle you may feel warmth from my hands, tingling or occasionally coolness. On the odd occasion people don't feel the Reiki energy but do feel deeply relaxed and an improved feeling of wellness along with clarity of the changes created by your Reiki Healing.

Once the Reiki Healing is complete we re-visit how you feel about the topic of focus for that session. The differences are clear for you in both the physical and emotional affects allowing you to consciously understand the move forward you have experienced. The appointment is normally an hour.

I often combine Reiki with other treatments in a session such as massage or reflexology, creating a deep state of calm and quietening the mind. Ladies and gentlemen often experience easing of aches and pains, sleep better and find emotions more tranquil. Reiki on its own is a wonderfully relaxing therapy babies and children love along with elderly people who are less mobile. There are no religious or age boundaries to benefiting from this therapy.

Click here for more Reiki course information after reading below.

Interested in Learning Reiki First Degree (sometimes termed as Reiki One) to help family members with chronic health difficulties?

Children and young adults with Autism, ADHD, ADD, Tourettes Syndrome, Down's Syndrome, Epilepsy and many other challenges not noted here benefit significantly from the help of Reiki. We often forget the parents of children and young adults who over time find their barrel of energy depleted. Reiki brings energy to refill your barrel and creates a chain of good stamina, deeper rest, perk you up techniques. 

What do I have to do to learn Reiki First Degree?

The course is across 2 consecutive days with some theory, you receive a Reiki healing from myself on day one prior to receiving your Reiki First Degree atunement. Day two you will learn how to give yourself a Reiki treatment, how to give friends, family, pets and plants a full treatment.

I teach small groups of maximum 4 students to ensure you are working with the energy in the strongest flow without your conscious mind getting in your way.

Additional to the Reiki material you are aligned with your own Sacred Tone, your Gate Keeper is in place prior to you beginning to connect into Reiki Energy yourself. I teach this method to ensure you are receiving pure Reiki with you being in charge of any energies you work with. This technique brings a strong flow of energy creating wonderful change in energy with ease.

What if I decide I want to go on to take Practitoner Training?

Following your Reiki First Degree training before beginning your Reiki Second Degree, you would practice daily on yourself to clear energy, learn from the experience of working on yourself and friends, family, pets, plants for a 3 month period prior to taking Reiki Second Degree course.

The practice time is there to increase the strength of Reiki energy before moving on to Reiki Second Degree where Symbols are atuned to use that help people with depression, anxiety, past traumas, sleeping difficulties, injuries along with much more.

Reiki Healing has often reduced the requirement for the dose of medications clients need. I always recommended people on medications such as diabetics, high blood pressure REFER TO GP FOR REGULAR MEDICATION ASSESSMENT.