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Bringing back a sense of calm aligning with your Soul

ThetaHealing Course Information

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The desire for a new way of experiencing life opens the door to a new way of seeing life

I'm a paragraph. ClThetaHealing Technique has profoundly changed the lives of thousands of people in many countries. Through Theta brainwave state and the process of intuitive connection you learn to identify and resolve outdated beliefs and ways of viewing life as a child.

These outdated beliefs create poor decision making as an adult, repeating patterns that don't serve you well along with how we feel about ourselves creating the life we are experiencing. Change is more than possible with the brains Neuro-plasticity. ThetaHealing Technique opening the brain to new neural pathway choices and freedom from shadows of your past.ick once to begin entering your own content. You can change my font, size, line height, color and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

Whatever your dream of an amazing life is... beginning creating it means it will arrive!

Launch the creation of the life you desire for yourself with foundation courses in this profound, thought and life experience changing modality ThetaHealing. The courses are certified by founder Vianna Stibal; I as your Instructor am taught and certified to teach by Vianna Stibal 2015.

ThetaHealing Basic DNA2 - 3 Day Practitioner Course

Pre-requisites: Non required

Includes: Vianna Stibal Book, Course Manual, Certificate, Refreshments (Bring a pack lunch).

This Course will allow you to step into the journey of life through the eyes of a ThetaHealer. Not only will you be able to create change in your own life, you shall be qualified to help others.

This technique is non religion specific, fits beautifully with other complimentary therapies, enhances Reiki and other energy techniques and adds a profound layer of information you are already receiving from and about your clients and yourself.

This Course Includes:

(this course is 75% practical, a lot of fun and incredibly life changing for the better. The serious attitude is left at the door as learning is easy when you have fun)

Viewing from a ThetaHealing perspective we both clear our own past and experience all the learning's below from a new way which is self connecting, empowering and leads to a peaceful sense within.

  • Learning to listen to and understand your intuition.
  • The power of your thoughts & how they contribute to your future.
  • Learn what your chakras are and how they help our well-being.
  • How to sense another persons energy body & know the difference between theirs and your own so you live without gathering everyone else's clutter as you go about your day.
  • How to muscle test to aid the awareness of perspectives held on ancestral or past life levels we are unaware of which are still influencing us. How to clear those beliefs.
  • How to identify the cause or 'bottom belief' controlling your choices.
  • How to resolve the 'bottom belief' & create awareness of the
    positive experiences.
  • Learn to put in place positive attitude, beliefs and enhance future
  • How to change self sabotaging patterns, lack of confidence and anxiousness.
  • How to identify cause of illness and clear beliefs around illness.
  • Learn to use this technique to quieten your mind and energise your body.
  • Sleep more soundly and more focus and daytime concentration.
  • Learn how to manifest (& how to clear beliefs that prevent your manifesting list from becoming a reality).
  • Learn to see your guardian angels & receive guidance from them.
  • Dormant parts of your DNA are stimulated for increased well-being.
  • Learn how to give a future reading if you wish to use this skill within your sessions.
  • Take back ownership of yourself; empowering.
  • Empath's will learn how to know the difference between their energy and everyone else's along with the techniques to help others. Your purpose is to help, however you will learn how without taking on everyone else's energies to do so.
  • You will learn the science part whilst connecting to the spiritual part.

This Basic class forms the foundation of the ThetaHealing techniques which allow you to change patterns of beliefs and illness held in place on a core, soul, genetic and history level within us.  

Perhaps unaware, these beliefs are influencing our decisions and choices along with what we feel we are capable of this lifetime.

Are we bound by them? Thankfully this technique allows us access to unlock lifetimes and generations of patterns.

Our experiences this lifetime which enhance our experiences are enrich by this process whilst resolving old behaviours that are now in our way.

A new mind perspective opens us to a life that is peaceful and harmonious with our desires.

Welcome to a journey through time, honour, respect. obligations, resentments, regrets fading. Most importantly, welcome to the opportunity to create a life of fun, freedom, healthy relationships, living your purpose, feeling you belong, following the career path that feels right to you.

DIG DEEPER - 2 Day final of the three Foundation Courses required before you may go on to study further Core or Elective ThetaHealing Courses.

Submerge yourself in 2 days of learning, clearing, opening and perfecting the 8 ways to assist your client to the 'cause' rather than symptom of a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual imbalance. Small classes bring the opportunity for those deeper connections made in courses to support you on your journey following the 2 day course.

Life most certainly is a journey for ThetaHealing students with opportunities to find an enriching connection to our true identity. We shall practice self digging to assist with self healing when life challenges appear, before they knock you off centre.

Creating changes in what our mind believes to be possible for us. Increasing our ability to manifest whilst resolving some of the reasons we are in the way of our own desires. Deeper belief changes linked to our Genetic Programming; releasing obligations to fit-in and follow the same patterns of thought and illness as your ancestors. Our gender limitations are in part created by programming passed down via our epigenetics.

This is the final Foundation course which opens you to studying other ThetaHealing Courses either as a self help, developmental or Career path.

ThE DIG DEEPER course became part of the Foundation Prerequisites in 2018 to deepen the ThetaHealer skills, improving the quality of treatment.  

ThetaHealing Advanced DNA2 - 3 Day Practitioner Course

Pre-requisite: Basic DNA2

Includes: Vianna Stibal Book, Course Manual, Certificate, Refreshments (Bring a pack lunch).

This Advanced DNA2 course is the most incredible 3 days of clearing the 'clutter from your mind' and continuing from where the Basic Course took you on your internal journey so far.

During every Advanced course people comment how they thought they knew a lot through Basic until they reached Advanced. Incredible, amazing, Reiki Practitioners and Masters are also amazed at the change created by connecting with all guides, ancestors, angels, ascended masters through this 7th Plane process of Theta brainwave.

Quantum mechanics allows the witnessing of molecular change. We are so much more than mere physical form. Becoming more of who we genuinely are, our own connection to 'source' or 'energy of creation' is the process of owning your part in all aspects of your life. While this may seem exciting and perhaps a little daunting, it is actually liberating, lifts a huge weight from your mind and body and allows you to be who you actually are without all the ways you feel you should be to please others.

Imagine how your life is without all the clutter. Are you ready to bring this into your reality?...

I am continually driven to support your learning and clearing process, after all its my purpose. Was my road to the point of Theta easy? Absolutely not, but once I cleared my clutter my life experienced a different way of being at ease with myself. Without the unnecessary illness and upsets, limiting and sabotaging behaviours we often do without recognising we ourselves are in our own way.

Its so much fun to teach you, so wonderful to see the changes and help create opportunities for people to go through courses for themselves, to round and accentuate the holistic approach in their current practice or those who have a sense of helping others and 'just know' ThetaHealing is for them. 

The Advanced Course Curriculum

  • In Advanced class you go so much deeper into Theta brainwave. You learn techniques which create deeper change on physical, emotional and spiritual levels and release old resentments, regrets and rejections creating a repeat pattern in you life.
  • You will learn a new way of 7th plane connecting and grounding
  • You will learn Advanced techniques of how to open yourself and others to positive feelings and that they are possible even though not experienced in younger life (neuro-plasticity).
  • Advanced techniques on digging and finding the root cause of fears, phobia's and illness.
  • How to release old behaviour patterns that negatively impact your life.
  • Wonderful in-depth look at the 7th plane's of existence.
  • Connecting to the different planes of existence through 7th plane.
  • Connecting with plants; green fingers or not! through the 7th plane.
  • Connecting to crystals through the 7th plane.
  • Absolutely immense life changing downloads switching on your ability to feel and experience in every day life; peace, calm, self supporting decisions, have a reference of the true sense of who you are this life, unconditional love, joy, receiving, abundance (this means more than enough health, vitality, happiness, creativity, open to soul mate, money, adventure... creates incredible opportunities for you to move into the genuine person you are with ease).
  • Releasing free floating memories which can be triggered by sounds, tastes, experiences (memories stored in your subconscious whilst under anaesthesia, unconscious whether accident, alcohol, drugs, or through trauma).
  • Learning how to speak to the Higher Self; it has its own perspective and view on the way you view life and are choosing to journey through. Often the higher self is helpful and occasionally has views it thinks benefit but may be keeping you over weight or lacking money or relationships.
  • Baby in the womb is a truly gentle, allowing you to know the difference between your soul, your parents souls, the siblings that came before you whilst knowing your souls purpose and significance in this life without the confusion of everyone else's.
  • Re-creating the broken soul. For anyone feeling the tendency to give themselves away this technique is immensely settling, self connecting, brings a sense of calm, identity. For someone going through trauma, abuse, severe accident or someone close going through an accident this technique brings all aspects of you to a point of clarity, forgiveness and peace. Beautifully gentle, powerful and like being you again.
  • Healing broken heart using sound healing vibration. This technique uses our unique cell tone and vibration connecting to the 6th plane of existence and creates healing of trauma and grief whilst the vibration allowing the cells to communicate with one another without the experience influencing your heart on your cellular level.
  • Learning how to connect to ancestors and give future readings. Many people love this side of things and many others prefer to live in the moment. Either way, the experience of connecting to ancestors allows great things like tracing family tree members or other wonderful things.
  • Learn how to clear and do belief work on non-organic materials such as buildings, land, furniture etc.
  • Learning how to bend time.
  • Remembering your future and how you can change it.
    incredible 3 days into a whole knew you without trying to be different. You aren't trying to be different. You are clearing your clutter so you can be more of the unique soul you are in this physical body, in this lifetime.

Feeling inspired... check out my course dates page and look forward to helping you along on your journey to inner peace and purpose,

Irene x