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Bringing back a sense of calm aligning with your Soul

Gentle Space to Heal the past creating a brighter future

Healing our experiences creates change in our physical and emotional symptoms.

Each experience our mind presumes our relationship to the experience, forms a self opinion for each of life's scenarios which either help us feel good about ourself or in some way undermine ourself.

Our conditioning is a term for society expectations based on gender, culture, financial upbringing and work ethic.. These conditioning thinkings are where we base our decision making.

In A Healing of the mind we identify the underlying thinking patterns which are creating stress, choices that undermine you and your life, patterns which repeat.

The process of releasing the outdated thinking free's you to experience life choices and wellbeing from a more loving, soul lead way..

The space is gentle, kind, helping you see your deeper loving self.  The space is confidential with choice of In Person or Zoom the outcome being the same in both..

All you require to bring to the session is an open heart and knowing we ultimately are a work in progress, all steps bringing us closer to our gentle loving heart and Soul.

Clients may choose to focus on personal life, romantic life, career, finance.  Often patterns overlap into more than one area of life.  Follow your knowing and if you have found your way to this page you are ready for a more loving Soul connection x