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Bringing back that sense of calm, reconnecting to our Soul & becoming our path of light.

ThetaHealing - Opening your horizons to the life you desire

A little about ThetaHealing.

One must lighten ones load 'spring clean your bag of worries' so to speak, for a real change within your perception of who you are to occur . Hence disturbances in our self belief does not change by merely deciding to think or act differently.

ThetaHealing is about going beneath the obvious and finding why the surface 'symptom' is showing itself in this way. By resolving the bottom cause, everything else above it that's symptomatic resolves.

 We also pay attention to your DNA, survival patterns within the DNA which can trigger certain responses in the 'now'.

Q. How do we change our outer world?

A. By making the changes in our inner world.

Q. Why is this so empowering and life changing?

A. By the simple fact that we are now the Captain of our own ship... free to own and re-write our Future.

This is a science based meditation technique that lowers your brainwave to Theta Level.

ThetaHealing Technique is 'life changing'; giving you access to your genetic influences over your life in addition to your everyday life experience. We are shaped by our past, but have the ability to recreate our present day by the brains ability to continually form networks - the term


Individual sessions for those who wish assistance with Bereavement, Post Traumatic Stress,

Anxiety, Chronic Illness or pain , weight, sleep difficulties, relationship or career limitations, repeating the same situations in your life that knock your self belief; affecting your health and emotional wellbeing or limiting your life in some way.

Opening your creative blocks for lyricists, writers and artists. But not just people that choose creative fields for their career... open your blocks as the every day person just living your life quietly but want more for yourself. Always just having enough and no more.. you can bring more than enough through clearing your ancestral beliefs to money, your past life experiences and beliefs about money and how they are influencing you here and now.

Love; finding yourself in unsupportive relationships and that feeling of where is your soul mate as you haven't found that right person yet. Our subconscious has a lot to answer for along with those wonderful ancestors and our past experiences. Your soul mate may be the very desire you wish, but if your subconscious has protective patterns due to previous experiences, in its attempt to protect you it holds onto beliefs to ensure you don't get hurt again.

Definitely helpful in the moment of pain, broken heart and sadness.. however your subconscious has no concept of protective patterns being Positive or Negative, just protective. Hence we fall into the same routine of self sabotage or without meaning to, keep prospective partners at arms length regardless of a wonderful relationship being what you consciously desire.

Moving forward out of unhelpful cycles is well within your reach. This life changing science based technique is non religious, gentle and fits all walks of life.

ThetaHealing is for anyone who wishes to experience life in a new, comfortable, confident, healthier way. In a way that you interact with those around you with ease and your life has the more positive direction you desire.

Course Payment Options

All my courses have a payment option to help spread costs & Early Bird Discount. All courses require a £95.00 deposit which counts as part of your course fee.

(Non refundable, non Transferable; must be paid on all courses to book your place. This deposit counts as part of the course fee).

Remaining balance paid 2 weeks prior to course commencement date. (Full balance paid ensures course participation). If you have any concerns please email: [email protected])

Course Dates, Fees and pre-requisites

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Your journey is ahead of you, it shall never pass you by...

With gratitude for my journey, for without it I would not be helping you on yours. Irene x

Let yourself be all that you are...

The profound changes ThetaHealing brings in Reflexology when reflexes not responding, in bodywork when muscles are not responding and deepening the wealth of benefits of other healing modalities. Its proof in itself that we are more than physical and chemical beings, we are spiritual, genetics, epigenetics, we are innate living in the now and hoping for more... Your 'more' is right here.

Learn this amazing technique... see below left for payment information.

My Teaching Journey Begins...

Founder of ThetaHealing Vianna Stibal to my left. My smile says it all... qualified to not just help individuals in Private Sessions... 2015 qualified as an Instructor of ThetaHealing. I am so very proud that I can teach you to help others on their journey to health and happiness.

It takes more than just a few practitioners..

All the Reflexologists, Body workers, Hypnotherapists, Reiki Practitioners, and all other modalities as the list is huge... come to our talks, invite me to demonstrate this incredible Technique for your Practitoner group~ I cannot express enough how fabulous a change ThetaHealing will bring to both you and your clients.

You may begin a ThetaHealing Practitioner journey without any other clinical background... ThetaHealing stands alone as a practitioner treatment with life changing results.

Please phone or email if you would like to discuss further...

with gratitude, Irene x

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