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Bringing back a sense of calm aligning with your Soul

What people are saying


Tuesday and Thursday Healing Evenings & Courses (All Zoom during Covid)

Mrs M.M. Reiki Advanced Practitioner Course

Just finished my Reiki Level 3 training with Irene which was done via Zoom. This is the 3rd course I have done this way with Irene and found it makes no difference whether it's in person or Via Zoom. The course itself has helped me so much over the last few days and really picked me up at a time when i've needed it most. Irene is an amazing teacher and i feel very blessed to be taught and guided by her. I would highly recommend doing this life changing course with Irene xx

Mrs K.S. Reiki Advanced Practitioner Course

Over lockdown I have attended quite a few online events and courses, all of which have been great and really enjoyable. Reiki 3 - Advanced Practitioner with Irene was no different. All the information for the course came by email and was easy to use and follow. I didn't feel as if i missed anything attending the course on Zoom except the obvious hugs :). This is a great course, full of information, guidance and teachings. If you want to learn to practice Reiki safely and with integrity then this is the person to train with. Thanks Irene.

ThetaHealing Evening - 2 Hour Workshop - 04/10/18

J.S. Slept well after last evening, woke up with no aches :) Felt more lighter mentally on Saturday. Feel less 'clutter'.

ThetaHealing Evening - 2 Hour Workshop - 27/09/18

J.F. Great to learn some of the qualities I have that I was/am unaware of! And great to take ownership of them!!

Parents of Additional Support Needs child - Reiki First Degree Course - September 2018

Mrs B.

We took the Reiki 1 course to be able to help our son. I learnt more about me that I didn't know and understanding of what it meant. Appreciate the guidance and love. Irene is Awesome! Beautiful, caring, sooo knowledgeable lady. Thank you for everything xx

Mr B.

I enjoyed most having the reasons of aspects of unease pointed out and explained. I hoped to get out of attending the course helping our son, in a calm loving way and to clear some unresolved clutter. The course met my expectations of being attuned to the Reiki energy and directed on its application to friends and family which I now can. A very comfortable peaceful setting. Irene has a depth of knowledge which is unsurpassed, gifted, kind who can direct awareness to the unseen. Thank you.

Emilia Kielbasa - Reiki Second Degree Course - August 2018

I was hoping to get the missing pieces from other Reiki Courses and feel safe while doing Reiki. Loved it, learnt the original way!!!

Irene you are beautiful inside and out. Very kind, loving, passionate and knowledgeable. So spiritual! It was a privilege to learn from you.

Kelly Signorini - Reiki Second Degree Course - August 2018

There are so many subjects that are touched on, you need to write a book :) I knew Irene's method would be awesome and it was!

I enjoyed learning a new way to do Reiki and meeting new people learning. Irene has so much knowledge on the subject, it's a pleasure and honour to be taught by her.

Lindsay Claque - Reiki Second Degree Course - August 2018

I enjoyed absolutely everything about the course which was balanced completely for me. I attended the course to heal myself and others. Most definitely has helped me find me, believe a lot more in myself and others. Irene is a fun teacher, absolute dream to be around. Kept my interest & made me feel important. Really thorough. Learnt so much. Irene has actually changed my life. I cannot thank you enough. Feel as if I have found myself xx

Tracy Davidson - Reiki Second Degree Course - August 2018

I enjoyed the Distance Healing learning most and the course covered so many topics. Irene is lovely and very informative.

Nicola Clark - Reiki Second Degree Course - July 2018

Enjoyed the gentleness, information, the healings, safe space to learn, sharing of experience, knowledge - Brilliant. Would like to add the course in slow motion ;) I feel that what I learned was what i needed at the time. The course more than met my expectations - surpassed in fact. A lovely venue space. Irene is absolutely amazing! Could not ask for a better teacher - generosity of sharing knowledge, learnings, kindness is such an inspiration.

Lorraine McIver - Reiki Second Degree Course - July 2018

Enjoyed everything! The practicals, crystals, why there may be blocks, symbols and it's not my energy it's the grand masters and i'm witnessing. How to use energy and understanding of energy flow. Irene is very patient!! lots of hands on practice.

S.E. - Reiki First Degree Course - May 2018

I enjoyed learning how to self treat and receiving Reiki treatments the most on the course. I was hoping to get inner peace! (Still a work in progress :) !) Irene is very open and understanding but also direct (in a good way!). Learning feels very informal, whilst covering a lot of information.

A.B. - Reiki First Degree Course - May 2018

The days were very relaxing and informative. I enjoyed learning about how Reiki works and how it can benefit me and others. I was curious how Reiki worked and was interested in the healing aspect for myself and others. I feel I have found an understanding of Reiki and am looking forward to practicing it at home. Very relaxing and comfortable venue. Irene is a wonderful teacher and person! She is able to answer any question asked of her.

Melanie Dolan - ThetaHealing Basic DNA2 - May 2018

Love her. Irene is so loving, caring & compassionate and helps her clients & students alike through challenging times & empowers them to make positive changes for happy and rewarding lives. This was my second time doing DNA2 and it helped reinforce the method. Loved it, I was in a much clearer space to receive the training.

S.E. - ThetaHealing Basic DNA2 - May 2018

Enjoyed the practical work, relaxed environment and sharing of experiences. Content all good, just a lot to condense into a few days! I had a better understanding of myself, focus on my needs and how to fulfil them. Not sure what my expectations were, but have found it very interesting and enlightening. Irene is relaxed, open, encouraging but also disciplined.

Linda MacLeod - Reiki Second Degree - April 2018

I most enjoyed gaining all the 'extra bits' from your experience. Activities were amazing. Looking forward to practice times & group distance. I wanted to be more knowledgeable about using Reiki in a wider sense - symbols, distance healing, rooms etc. The course is fab, the group worked so well together. Venue set out really well, lighting/warmth - calming. Irene is fantastic, puts you at ease, gives you confidence, picks up on healing & inputs/downloads when they're needed. Acts on what people want, this shapes the course. Course content covered extremely well.

Ken Morton - Reiki Second Degree Course - April 2018

There was more in-depth knowledge than the Reiki First Degree course which I wasn't expecting. Very comfortable homely environment and enjoyed meeting like minded individuals. Wonderful knowledge in a unique way. Fantastic as always, I am always grateful of her knowledge which consistently exceeds expectation each time.

Kerry Smith - Reiki Second Degree Course - April 2018

I enjoyed most on the course connecting with the more subtle energies and sensing the difference, meeting & getting to know everyone. I hoped to develop my Reiki journey so I can help people. Brilliant teacher - the fact that you can tune into us & confirm that we are connecting etc helps massively & gave me confidence.

Jane Sewell - Reiki Second Degree Course - April 2018

Enjoyed sensing what I was being shown for client by Gatekeepers and Grand Masters of Reiki. Enjoyed feeling the energy when scanning and sensing area where Reiki needed. Love Irene's home & lovely cosy energy. Irene is excellent, very patient and will explain in a way that makes sense to me.

Alison Spice - Reiki Second Degree Course - April 2018

Irene is knowledgeable and interesting and time passes so quickly. I wouldn't have wanted to learn with anyone else. I enjoyed meeting everybody but most of all the new learning. I wanted to become more competent in Reiki and develop my senses and yes I began to feel things. Brilliant teacher.

Scott Dalgarno - Reiki Second Degree Course - April 2018

I enjoyed learning new skills and techniques, meeting new people on their journeys & the experience. I attended to learn new skills, bettering myself and being able to help others. It exceeded my expectations and so much more. So much valuable information and experiences. Very expansive, amazing, extremely informative teacher.

Scott Dalgarno - Reiki First Degree Course - April 2018

I enjoyed the new experiences, the people, the calm for others and myself. I was wanting to connect with myself and others to be able to help myself and others. Expectations on course were met & so much more. Irene is very informative, thorough and amazing.

Lindsay Clague - Reiki First Degree Course - April 2018

I loved every minute. I've wanted to learn Reiki for years. I got clarification, peace, a lot of past removed from me. Absolutely met my expectations plus I feel like a better person within myself. Just what I needed at this time. Venue fantastic, atmosphere perfect. Irene is a fantastic teacher, explained everything perfectly, very calming, took time to answer all questions. So welcoming, lovely energy.

Tracy Davidson - Reiki First Degree Course - April 2018

The course was a new lease of life. A new journey ahead that will help a lot of people and animals. I got exactly what I had hoped for from the course. I was unsure of what to expect and how I would be able to feel giving healing. Now I have experienced it, it is wonderful. Irene is a million times better than any school teacher. so easy to engage with and good to learn from. School should learn Reiki to engage with kids from Irene :) Awesome experience.

Caroline Hughes - Reiki First Degree Course - April 2018

I've now learned something I can use for the rest of my life and I can expand on by doing more courses. I think it was just amazing and can gain the benefit from every day. Irene is the best in her field and it shows. Can't think of anyone better.

D.B. - Reiki First Degree Course - March 2018

Enjoyed most meeting Irene and Jane, reaching a crossroads and feeling more complete, answers and a purpose. Yes the course met my needs and it's a lovely space to be in. Irene is warm, loving, caring with real desire to help.

J.S. - Reiki First Degree Course - March 2018

Fantastic energy, course was more in-depth, brilliant, liked small group and step by step process. Excited to meet my Gatekeepers. Irene has so much patience, knowledge, empathy, understanding. Questions were answered when they came up. Super mentor, blessed to have me Irene last year and continue my journey with her.

Linda MacLeod - Reiki First Degree Course - February 2018

Enjoyed realsing what my blocks to me are & working through that. I'm waiting in anticipation for Reiki 2. Attending the course made such a difference to have my beliefs in the energies and re-establishing my faith. Allowed me to see why I am who I am and be able to make changes/accept and move on. Irene is very knowledgable. Put you at ease. Gave confidence as she could 'see' and discuss/guide what you were doing as you did it.

Kerry Smith - Reiki First Degree Course - February 2018

Enjoyed most Feeling and Recognising the Reiki energy & meeting my team! And knowing how to give Reiki Healing. Lots of information was given. Being guided through the course was fab & not being afraid to ask or say you didnt understand something. Cosy warm safe feeling venue. Irene is brilliant, knowledgeable, patient & allowed us to learn at our own speed.

Alison Spice - Reiki First Degree Course - December 2017

Irene as a teacher is very knowledgeable and calming. I was able to relate to what she was telling me. I got exactly what I was hoping for, an understanding of the practice of Reiki. I enjoyed the experiences Irene has had with Reiki.

Ken Morton - Reiki First Degree Course - December 2017

Irene takes great care ensuring that I was comfortable and relaxed. The information she shared was informative, clear and concise. I now feel confident to practice Reiki One on myself, friends, family and pets.

Sonya Anderson - ThetaHealing Basic DNA Course - November 2017

This course exceeded my expectations, joined all the dots, happy and content to use ThetaHealing in my daily life. The healing space used was amazing, felt so calming, safe and nurtured. Felt like the course was delivered how it was meant according to my learning capabilities. Clarity and a better understanding of myself and life purpose. No words can express how grateful I am to have met Irene and became her student, beautiful soul with a beautiful life purpose. Changed my life.

Kelly Signorini - Thetahealing Evening - Nov 2017 Theme 'More of You'

Was an awesome night Irene, still find it fascinating the extreme beliefs that we can hold from our ancestors. Cleared a lot of stuff instantly and looking forward to the next few days when it fully kicks in! Looking forward to the next one!

Nicola Clark- ThetaHealing Evening Oct 2017 - ThetaHealing Evening Oct 2017 Theme 'Aches & Pains'

I went to the aches and pains theta evening, I am so pleased I did. Irene guided everyone into a gentle meditation which is so lovely (I know for me its like having a big warm hug!) in a warm comfortable room & spoke about what Theta is about and how it can help you. Irene creates a lovely space for changes to happen if you want them to. For me, a few days after, my back pain is way less intense and my sleep is much better and i feel more relaxed. Looking forward to the next one! Nicola's mother was amazed as to how hot her hands became during the evening and found it very interesting.

Tracy Rendall - ThetaHealing Evening Oct 2017 Theme 'Aches and Pains'

Another fabby night Irene, thanks again. Am learning slowly x

Anne Boyle - ThetaHealing Evening Oct 2017 Theme 'Aches & Pains'

I know its been a fully a week since this Aches and Pains session but I'm still feeling the benefit from it! Thank you very much Irene and everyone that was there sharing the energies. Feeling great!

Ken Morton - ThetaHealing Evening Oct 2017 Theme 'Aches & Pains'

Ken volunteered for a short thetahealing session during the evening. Feedback the next day - I noticed such a big difference in my back this morning, woke up without pain and throughout today its been the same. There was so much energy in that room last night.... fantastic.