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Bringing back a sense of calm aligning with your Soul

Usui Reiki Attuned to work with your Gate keepers 

Introduction to my classes

Irene Morrans Reiki Master/Teacher of Usui Reiki with Gatekeepers ensures you neither absorb energy from others or give your energy away while helping your friends, family and pets with the lovely energy of Reiki. 

All levels of Irene's classes teach both the technique and a deep healing for past lives where judgement & consequences of being a healer may in this lifetime dull your Reiki Flow. Throughout the courses Irene will clear old beliefs aligning more with your gifts this lifetime.

Many people I teach are motivated to learn Reiki through their own illness, illness within the family or helping their children with ASN.

Reiki First Degree is the beginnings of a journey into professional healing if you have a sense you would like to continue with your Reiki path.

My Reiki First Degree classes for parents of children and young adults with ASN teach specific techniques which benefit our amazing children. Time is taken for the particular needs of each family.

Physical contact isn't always possible, often not even a hug. The techniques I teach parents allow the energy of Reiki to be given in a way that provides a connection which helps your child feel safe and connected. Empowering for parents to be able to feel you have a lovely gentle technique positively impacting your family. Personally Reiki has helped my son who has Asperger Syndrome in areas such as sleep, concentration, relaxation, calming, when sick with temperature.

The 2 day certificated course £135 exchange. (£95 during Covid Online Courses saving £60)

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Reiki First Degree - What will I learn?

(Online and In Person Available) - During Covid All Online Zoom

Reiki First Degree with Gate Keeper Attunements is so much more than the first step...

Over this 2 day Reiki First Degree course you will discover aspect of your Soul, your Purpose, your Qualities which are your foundation to create change from. Introduction to Energy fields (Aura), sensing both your own and other peoples, plants, and animals energies, Chakra systems. This course is 75% practical with teaching moulded around the students.

You will have a sense of belonging, strength and inner connection. It's all about the love x


Reiki Second Degree - 3 Day Practitioner Training


Taking your knowledge and understanding of what you are sensing, the process of connection through your Soul Frequency & Gatekeepers to a far deeper level during this 3 day course which will allow you to practice professionally.

During this course you will learn to work with Reiki Symbols in different ways, how to create an energetically secure cylinder to connect to a 'client' in a different country or place receiving accurate information regards their symptoms along with creating opportunity for them to heal. 

 Further learning to expand your intuitive senses with group activities. Learning to notice and work with past life energetic symptoms. Learning to choose or be chosen by crystals who wish to work with you; their purpose with you, to lay out a crystal grid which is activated and benefit from in your Reiki 2 Therapy sessions.

Online Zoom Courses during Covid - Bookings in shop

* A Gift from me - Additional Day once lockdown restrictions lifted to clarify ‘hands on’ treatments when all students have a partner to practice hands on technique with.

More Reiki Second Degree Information


(Online Zoom & In Person Available)

Book in 'Shop'

The journey of Reiki is an expansive one shared with people you make connections with during class and through practice.

I encourage the growth of connections especially as many people who are moving through a self healing journey have never really felt they fit in.  



Advanced Practitioner is the step between Reiki Second Degree and Reiki Master Level. Your knowledge, ability to sense imbalances and engage in techniques to assist the clearing of blockages in the electro-magnetic and physical self will deepen.

This course includes: Student Manual, Certificate, Refreshments

( Bring: Pack Lunch, your Reiki 2 Manual, Slippers for comfort).

ONLINE DURING COVID - Zoom. In person is lovely but the online connection is equally as lovely and the Reiki is Exactly the same as its energy & all the connections are energy

(Advanced Practitioner has essentials taught. Alongside the essentials differing Reiki Master/Teachers add different techniques in alignment with their experience.)

- Reiki Advanced Attunement

- Mikao Usui Master Symbol /Mantra/ Uses of Symbol alongside other symbols you attained

in Reiki Second Degree are taught

- Crystal in aid of identifying imbalances

- Practice of Crystal Grid

- Psychic Surgery

- Additional Cleansing for property, people, animals

- Violet Flame Technique

- Goal setting, manifesting, health projections using Reiki to increase results

- Self treatments

NOTE: Two Days of practical experience grounding the theory at Advanced Level.

Students whom have studies Reiki First and Second degree are welcome. Certification requires to be presented as evidence of completion prior to attendance of Advanced.

"Whether your journey began to help loved ones or as a step into the world of professional healing, I welcome you".

Usui Reiki - The Japanese Way of Natural Healing

Student Reviews - permission given to share


Reiki 2 Testimonial May 2020:

During challenging times for our planet, in spring of 2020, I attended Reiki 2 course - online. For comparison with Reiki 1 that I attended in person - I have to highlight that nothing was lacking - same wonderful energy, safe healing space, plenty of opportunities to learn, practice, grown and develop at your own pace and be healed along the way. Irene's groups are small and every student gets enough time, space and clarification when needed. Very easy to follow even for non-native speakers.

Thank you dear Irene, for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. It was pure joy and honour to be one of your students.

Much love

Ivana Skrbic

Student S.E. Reiki 1

"Irene is very open and understanding but also direct (in a good way!). Learning feels very informal, whilst covering a lot of information."

Student A.B. Reiki 1

"The days were very relaxed and informative. I enjoyed learning about how Reiki works and how it can benefit me and others. She is a wonderful teacher and person! Irene is able to answer any question asked of her. I feel I have found an understanding of Reiki and am looking forward to practising it at home."

Student Linda Reiki 1

"Realising what blocks to me are and working through that. Waiting in anticipation for Reiki 2."

Student Ken Morton - Reiki 2

"Wonderful knowledge in a unique way. There is more in-depth knowledge which I was not expecting. Fantastic as always. I am grateful of Irene's knowledge which consistently exceeds expectations each time."

Student Kerry Smith - Reiki 2

"I enjoyed most about this course connecting to the more subtle energies & sensing the difference along with meeting and getting to know everyone and the development of my Reiki journey so I can help people.

Brilliant teacher - The fact that you can tune in to us & confirm that we are connecting etc helps massively and gave me confidence."

Student Linda MacLeod - Reiki 2

"Venue set out really well, lighting/warmth & calming. Irene is fantastic and puts you at ease, gives you confidence, picks up on healing & inputs when they are needed. Acts on what people want - this shapes the course. Content covered extremely well."

Student J.S. - Reiki 2

"I enjoyed most scanning and sensing the areas where Reiki was needed building on Reiki 1.

Enjoyed sensing what I was being shown for the 'client' by Gate Keepers and Grand Masters.

Irene as a teacher is very patient and will explain in a way that makes sense to me. I love Irene's home as a venue. Lovely cosy energy."

Student Alison Spice - Reiki 2

"I began to feel things developing my senses and becoming more competent in Reiki. Irene is very knowledgeable and interesting. Time passes so quickly. I wouldn't have wanted to learn this with anyone else. Brilliant teacher."

Student Scott Dalgarno - Reiki 2

"Amazing, expansive, extremely informative teacher, the course exceeding my expectations and so much more. So much valuable information and experiences. Learning new skills & techniques and meeting new people on this journey I enjoyed."

Student Alison Spice - Reiki 1

"I got exactly what I was hoping for out of this course; an understanding of the practice of Reiki. Irene is a very knowledgeable and calming teacher, I was able to relate to what she was telling us. I enjoyed the experiences Irene has shared with us."

Student Ken Morton - Reiki 1

Relaxing environment with informative content. I feel confident to practice Reiki on myself, friends, family and pets. Irene takes great care ensuring that I was comfortable and relaxed. The information she shared was clear and concise."

Student Samantha Reiki 2

"I did my Reiki 1 with someone else. I found a great difference in the way we connect to the Reiki Masters. The technique Irene uses I hadn't heard of before. We felt our own soul energy and I heard my soul name, amazing! I met my gate keepers and understand them. I recommend Reiki to everyone who wants to feel better and help others feel better too. I wanted this for the symbols to help my husband and his back."