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Bringing back a sense of calm aligning with your Soul

Zoom Group & Personal Facilitation beautifully deep  Spirit Team & Consciousness Healing

Within us all is a desire for something more. We may have all the passion and knowledge whilst holding back in some way from being all we are.

This space is deep, supportive and nurturing allowing facilitation for you to resolve and release; opening into a more expansive you.

What possibilities are there for you when all of you is supporting your way forward into love, health, purpose and passion for your life.

With gentleness I am holding Group Healing Events enabling each week 2 people to receive a deep and profound consciousness change being guided as to which 2 people will benefit the whole group to the greatest magnitude.

To have the option of facilitation i will ask during the event who would like to work on a topic of their life they wish to change. I am intuitively guided to those who will benefit the group as a whole.

These events are life changing for many people who heal on a level that may take many private sessions to reach whereas in this group setting they resonate with another persons experience creating the foundation of larger group healings.

Technical Side:

Zoom Events - Please ensure you have the latest version of zoom downloaded on your device ahead of time.

- Your preferred email to receive your Zoom link will be requested in my website shop.

- You will receive your Zoom link via email the afternoon of each event. - Ensure YOU USE THE Zoom Link

(NOT Calendar)

- Please arrive 6:50pm UK for 7pm to allow for any technicalities. (you will be in a waiting area prior to my allowing your entry. Any issues with entry please use fb messenger to contact me during the entry period)

- Bring along to the event love that you are more than you realise and openness to receive all you are.

(Gratitude for the request from 2 of my 1-1 clients whom wanted to have weekly healings at an affordable cost whilst benefitting from other peoples changes stirring in them beliefs they are ready to heal but didn't realise they had until the group event. We release much more and deeper with the group connection and have the opportunity to resonate with our ancestors and past life's due to the collective stirring.

See you Thursday's.

Love of the Universe for all we are, Irene x