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Bringing back a sense of calm aligning with your Soul

Loss of a marriage can feel like deep loss or bereavement...

For the majority of my clients, and myself... regardless of being the instigator of the divorce or an unwilling participant, divorce feels like a deep sense of grief for the life you felt was ahead of you, and the loss of the identity you had for yourself within this life. Guilt, sadness, anger, resentment and a multitude of other feelings.

The sense of desolation of your identity and struggle to get your confidence back. Separation from your children can feel like a broken heart. Its all a detachment from our heart space, and the gentleness and profound power of ThetaHealing will bring You back to You.

My clients feel they can restart life and bring a new romance that fulfils you as the person you are now, without the patterns of your past relationships. Relationship patterns normally are based on self belief patterns since early years, along with learned beliefs of being in a marriage. You may need more than one session.

You can cope with sharing your children with their other parent, improve your self-worth and inner strength and be able to support yourself and your children, regardless of their age, in a wholesome way. You can re-establish yourself and how your inner world reflects in your outer world.