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Bringing back a sense of calm aligning with your Soul


Emptiness, sadness... few have been blessed enough to live the majority of their lives without this awfulness. The heart ache is immense, like battling to just survive the day for the others around you. Functioning but having lost your sparkle.

Bereavement is a battle with ourselves, loss is missing the qualities that person or child brought to your life or showed you a light within yourself you weren't able to see without them.

My place in helping you step out this physical heart pain, loss of your spark, loss of your own identity without your husband, wife, parent, grandparent, child or friend is to take you on a gentle, compassionate journey to find your connection with yourself this individual represented.

Normally one session is all that is required to gently make the connections with yourself again, to regain yourself, your sparkle, your desire for life and finding within you your purpose to carry on. In the session we use ThetaHealing and Reiki Therapy.

I work with your subconscious mind and connections you have with your loved one. We find the way you are intertwined with then, realign you in a way that allows you to identify yourself within that relationship so you live your life without the heartache, and can enjoy the beautiful memories you have. ThetaHealing is gentle, profound and life recovering.

What happens in the session?

ThetaHealing is a science based technique

You have the choice to sit in my reclining chair, or lie on my heated massage couch with supportive pillows to feel you can relax your body. You are fully clothed and have cosy blankets for comfort. There is peaceful, soft music in the background and clients always say how welcome and safe they feel and my relaxing voice.

I guide you on a meditation to lower your brainwave to Theta level. This is so utterly relaxing, calm and feels like the deepest relaxed experience you are ever likely to have. You are fully aware and in control of your surroundings at all times (this is not hypnotherapy).

It is also the doorway to your subconscious mind where 88% of your perceptions, how you respond to your world and your decisions come from. It may surprise you to know a mere 12% is your conscious mind.

It's the 'hidden' perceptions of ourselves, our reliability on people within our lives and how we 'see' our connection with them and vulnerability without them I guide you to find the answers with gentleness.

It is the answers that allow the significant life shift in your perception - which resolves within your conscious mind, emotions, aching heart allowing you to move forward with your inner strength and live with all the 'beautiful' memories and feelings whilst being able to live your life as your loved one would have wanted for you.