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Bringing back a sense of calm aligning with your Soul

(ZOOM) ThetaHealing Personal or Business Session 80 min


Gentle, profound, life changing.           If the thought alone was enough you would have made the changes already.

Irene has worked over Zoom and in person  with ladies and gentlemen both professional and lay persons across the world for a number of years assisting people to resolve underlying causes of illness, failed business, family and relationship tensions, marriage breakdown, eating disorders, bereavement,  accident, trauma.

Reaching and resolving the underlying cause creates relationship changes with yourself.  Imagine the pleasure of happy relationships in business and life.
 Bounding out of bed in the morning enthused for your day.  
 Feeling well and fulfilled every day.

All of this is more than a dream....

Are you a Therapist already?
Practitioners contact Irene predominently for a sense of overload and giving too much of themselves away.  
Not infrequently practitoners client numbers dwindle due to underlying sense of not enough left to help others.   It's incredible the change to how your feel, your energy and definition of boundaries created through this amazing technique, ThetaHealing

It's wonderful how we, given the opportunity, accept the changes we are not always consciously aware we need.  Whether this be physical, emotional, psychological, inherited or absorbed as a child.

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