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Bringing back a sense of calm aligning with your Soul

testimonies below this intro.

Motivation, life purpose and direction has been a significant theme so far this year. Congratulations to the small business owners who have cleared beliefs preventing the success they were aiming for.

I'm thrilled ThetaHealing is becoming known here in north Scotland having being a global phenomena for many years and delighted to be teaching Practitioner Certification courses for those ready to launch into a whole new world of feeling good every day. Do you need to want to be a practitioner to attend courses - absolutely not!   

2017 testimonials...

Mrs Isobel McMillan, Retired Active lady, Banchory - June 2017.

Treatment: Unique Developed Bodywork Combination of Ligament Release & Craniosacral Therapy.

Symptoms...Isobel is a very fit Retired lady whom experienced chronic low grade shoulder/upper back aches and stiffness over a long period. Recently Isobel experienced additional pain restricting movement of her arm.

"Dear Irene, I do believe you are a miracle worker.for I feel so much better. Thank you. I was due to see you on Tuesday 4th July for a last appointment but I really want you to see my Husband Mike who seems to have seized up completely and indeed this morning had difficultly in shaving! So I have given him his orders and he will take my appointment with you on Tuesday if that is OK with you.

I do hope you manage your magic with him. It would be great to get my Mike back. Meanwhile I shall make another appointment for myself."Isobel McMillan

Melanie Dolan - ThetaHealing March 2017

(Recommended by Yoga Teacher Louisa Craig during workshop (only time they crossed paths!). Life's direction out of focus and looking for a solid way to get her life back on track again).

"Dear Irene, as soon as I heard about you and ThetaHealing I knew I would be coming to see you.

I felt like I had been waiting for this appointment for years! And now that those energy blocks have been removed, in just a few short weeks Life has become more joyful, synchronistic and abundant!

My next intention is to do the ThetaHealing training with you :).

Thank you for all you are, and all you do. With love, Melanie

.... and Melanie has completed the first foundation course of ThetaHealing Basic DNA2 May 2017. Blessed I am to have taught you and your a very gentle soul on the beginnings of this very exciting journey, Irene x

Simon - ThetaHealing January

(Recommended due to many unnerving spiritual experiences. Friend suggested I would help make sense of and resolve Simon's uncertainty, nervousness about the experiences and help. Simon had a 2 hour ThetaHealing Session).

"Hi Irene,

I just wanted to say a big thank you for making me so calm inside. Since our appointment I have been so chilled, like a new person. My thoughts are clear and I feel I can speak more clearly without struggling to find the correct words. You really have transformed me over the last few days and for that I am truly grateful. I will speak to my mum today and I think she would benefit from seeing you. I'll contact you in the near future to book an appointment for her if that's ok. You are an amazing person and have the best gift ever. I am so glad Andy pointed me in your direction. thank you so much Irene. I am one happy guy! Simon"

Betty - ThetaHealing December 2016 & January 2017

(Recommended by friend whose marriage was turned around and her new found self confidence she wanted Betty to come for a ThetaHealing session).

"good afternoon Irene, i can't thank you enough for my healing sessions 1 and 2. i feel my husband is listening to me, but when i mentioned it a week or so after 1st healing he said i was listening to him. i didn't say much more and i hadn't said i came to see you. i've been sleeping better since i first saw you. its this 2nd session i've felt so different. i wake feeling excited for my day with energy. i feel more emotional in a good day. i feel i want to hug my husband which is something not done in a long time. we have had a really close time the last few days. i have realised we drifted apart and my feeling alone kept it that way. its so nice laughing together and spending time together not feeling irritated. don't really understand how theta healing made this change but i do know i want another session with you to look at my relationship with my mother. i wake each day now grateful. thank you so much Irene. hugs Betty Xxx

2016 Testimonials...

Louisa - ThetaHealing

'Reason for appointment with Irene; recommendation. Looking for a direction and focus change in life'.

Just a wee message to thank you for last Monday; I'm already experiencing such positive changes, and noticing the challenges! have a fantastic weekend, Louisa.

Sheila - Reflexology

Reason for appointment with Irene; recommendation by business coach to assist with some areas and relaxation.

"Good morning - the reflexology has kept me in a happy place all week - thank you so much. Hopefully this will continue for a long time! I also noted I do not need to go to the toilet so much in night. Insomnia still same. The treatment is so so relaxing / you have magic hands xX"

June - ThetaHealing

"My reason for coming to see Irene for a ThetaHealing session would probably be to find peace within myself and enjoy life in the present moment".

This lovely lady Ms J, Aberdeen experienced a teenage years of family turmoil due to parents arguing, lengthy divorce and ill feeling. A little rebellious, got involved in a less reputable scene of drugs and partying. Sorting herself out in her 20's, now a successful business women looking to put the past in the past. As they say, if you could have wished to change it you would have done so already. A friend recommended ThetaHealing.

26th June - "Hi Irene I'm very well thanks. I'm feeling calmer and at ease with things. Woke up the past 2 mornings quite early and ready to get up, which isn't like me. I'm sure over the next few weeks I'll really feel the change and get an idea of how I'm really feeling but certainly feel great since Friday. Thank you again - I have been telling all my friends. 

June 15th - ThetaHealing

Fibromyalgia, ME, Depression, Self Confidence (Childhood Repeated Abuse)

"Hi Irene, hope you have a nice day. Just wanted to say thank you for last nights appointment. Think I was feeling a little overwhelmed when I left. Was awake about 3am this morning feeling very happy, content and calm just lying next to my husband as he slept.

I've never felt anything like it. Woke again this morning feeling awake and alive. Absolutely amazing x"

June 16th - "I'm getting on great thanks for asking.

Feeling much happier and calmer and content. Have had a few symptoms but nothing like before. Felt tired at points (and not just because I was awake at 3am)

A 'normal' tiredness which I haven't felt for a long long time or almost a transient feeling.

People have commented I seem different. I have also noticed that people are more open to speaking to me too or maybe I'm more open to them. I feel different toward my husband and am starting to notice a difference in him toward me."

June 21st - "Hi Irene, hope you are well. Just a quick update. On the whole I have noticed a significant improvement. I met my friend and she noticed before I even said anything that normally I look pale and heavy under my eyes but she said I had more colour and definitely a change in me - even though she didn't really know what that was!

In the last couple of days I have noticed I am more tired again, especially in my arms. I guess that means I am holding onto something although I don't know what that is. (We had another ThetaHealing Session to resolve the next aspects of experiences from earlier years).

July 29th - Wonderful news, this lovely lady, having been through so much abuse as a child and having miscarried previously is in early pregnancy of 5 weeks.. I gave information on Gowri Motha Gentle birthing method along with Doula's.

"Thanks for that, will definitely look them up. Anything that makes this easier I am all for Xx."

(My response, Enjoy it, its the most amazing beautiful experience having a little life forming inside you Xx.)

"When I think about it like that it makes me feel quite emotional. Thank you for getting me to a place where I can accept it. Xx"

All the ladies and gentlemen whom I accompany through their journey of change are special and amazing. Few people have moved me in the way this lady has. From early life of abuse, into care, into neglectful blood parent, to the roller coaster of abusive relationships. This amazing, inspiring lady has found grit and determination to get through all of this without spiralling out of control and into the less favourable choices of drugs and further abuse.

Fibromyalgia and ME with 2 sessions were a thing of the past and moving out of all her history that restricted her life and held her into self belief issues, a total of 5 sessions and a new life, new opportunities and a new life inside to experience what unconditional love actually is. The cycle of abuse stops here. This new life will experience patience, compassion, joy, being listened to, unconditional love from a mother who has broken the cycle of repeat patterns and been brave enough to take a friends recommendation. Thank you to all those who email in or txt in testimonies... please review on  

1. Hand Reflexology

"Irene, thank you for clearing my ear. I feel so much better,

Lynne xx"

(One of those funny situations popping into an office and someone isn't feeling so well. It's happened many times over the years ; scenarios like toothache or hip pain.

On this occasion, lovely Lynne had a virus causing blocked sinus/ear with pain. I spent a few minutes releasing the pressure using Hand Reflexology, happy that Lynne has her smile back!)

2. ThetaHealing / Reflexology Combination

"I had been suffering from years of low self esteem and anxiety. When I went to see Irene with low back pain she pointed out those painful childhood memories were still bothering me. In a few sessions of Reflexology combined with ThetaHealing they have been dealt with and Voila are no longer a problem.

My energy and zest for life has been renewed and I am finding myself doing things I would never have done before. I think I will book another Reflexology session soon simply to top up that feel good phase I am in. Irene is such a lovely warm person she knows what you need, even if you don't." Mrs C, Aberdeen.

(Wonderful lady, came early this year for back pain. During Mrs C's 1st consultation she opened to various aspects of her past. 4 Treatments without need of any trauma detail to resolve her childhood trauma in addition resolve self blame & guilt, meant her pain disappeared. The gift from her treatments: learn her true identity, loving herself, living life again. ThetaHealing is the aspect of dealing with trauma using Theta Brainwave to resolve your beliefs, perspectives and freedom to live life to the full. (from struggling to be in company to enjoying life as Mrs C wishes. Fabulous, proud of you for taking the first step of coming to see me, the rest is history! ) 

3. ThetaHealing/Reflexology/Massage Combination

Mr B, 53yrs - Aberdeenshire

I booked an appointment with Irene for back pain I had experienced regularly for over 17 years. As other treatments hadn't been successful in relieving my pain a work colleague recommended Irene's approach to recurrent pain. I was surprised to find Irene explaining to me a bullying experience in my 1st job was contributing to my back pain. I had 5 treatments involving Reflexology, Massage and Theta Healing for my back with no pain left. Irene's way of helping you rid yourself of what was for me a very unpleasant time in my life. That was almost 1 year ago. I have and intend to continue attending Irene for the relaxation and feel good factor bi-monthly and believe my sense of well being has benefited greatly.

4. ThetaHealing

Mr S Angus, 38yrs - Aberdeen.

Irene was recommended by my sister. I felt very embarrassed to tell anyone let alone see a therapist for anxiety. I didn't really know when it had started but I was struggling to sleep, I'd lost interest in my relationship with my wife and was struggling to concentrate at work. I had not approached my boss and just hoped he would not notice.

It's an odd approach and I don't fully understand but I felt very comfortable with Irene as she helped me recognise my feelings I hadn't realised were my subconscious reasons for feeling the way I was.

The benefit for myself was realising I had interest in life again, concentration and motivation at work reappeared. The most valuable change being my interest in my wife and our life together. I thank my sister often for not sure where my marriage would have been now.


Mrs E, Inverurie

I suffered Post Traumatic Stress after being attacked & my handbag snatched 4years ago when I lived abroad. The whole experience was awful including non interest from the police adding to the trauma of my experience. I moved back to Inverurie near my family 6months after my attack as I was too frightened it might happen again.

I found I was frightened here too. My best friend had seen Irene for migraine which was related to an abusive boyfriend. She thought Irene could help me too. I was sceptical as I had no experience of any of her treatments.

I am so grateful to Irene. It took 7 sessions altogether to have me out and about without a care and living my life the way I want to. My husband is also very grateful to have me back. We are even looking at holiday destinations!

2015 Testimonials...

1. Polarity Therapy/Foot Reflexology Combination

Paul 4 years old - Peterhead

My son had a good diet but suffered constipation from the age of 2. We went through the traditional route of GP and Hospital with no real success. Food allergy tests via the hospital proved negative and dietary recommendations we were already doing.

Frustrated a friend suggested taking Paul to see Irene. During the Reflexology appointment Irene said Paul's Spleen energy kept falling away each time she moved to another area. We tried aqua detox which gave more energy but did not help Paul's discomfort or constipation. This is when Irene suggested we try energy work. With nothing to loose we found that a big family argument that Paul was with me is what Irene found as a memory in Paul's spleen. She was right about the argument and Paul was with me in his pram. He was 2 at the time of the argument. Irene proceeded with some healing explained the memory was now a past experience. She also gave reflexology again and said Paul's bowel was relaxed and his spleen was stronger.

I had no idea if it would help but later that day Paul needed the toilet and it came without discomfort and quickly. We had 2 further reflexology appointments and Paul's feeling good with his bowels. Happy Paul, happy mum.

2. Reflexology in Pregnancy

Mrs S Walker 29 years old - Aberdeen

I came to Irene for help with my pregnancy. This was my 2nd pregnancy. At almost 8 months I had awful sciatica on my right side. You could clearly see my stomach was more turned to my right. Irene gave me 2 reflexology sessions. The first appointment was very relaxing and firm and very bizarre watching my stomach moving back to the middle which eased my sciatica immediately - the next session 3 days later eased my lower back. I asked for two further sessions before the birth. I know every birth is different but this one was definitely easier and I was much more relaxed and from waters breaking she was born in 9 hours with only air and gas.

3. Reflexology (Foot - Traditional and Advanced)

Mr P T. 54 years - Aberdeen

I suffered back pain for years of building work. Beforehand I had massage but sciatica had began and not improving. My sister was at a talk Irene was giving and took her business card for me. She explained everything she was doing with the foot treatment. I found some bits on my feet sore which Irene had explained were muscles or joints. Interesting and enjoyable. I had 3 half hour appointments over a week. My sciatica was gone. It was strange Irene asked if I had stomach problems as looked like I was eating something my stomach didn't like. I did have indigestion most days. She wanted to know my blood group. I am O positive. Irene said blood group O does not like bacon even though I do! I stopped my builders bacon roll each morning. No more indigestion. Happy on both problems being better. I like going for a monthly reflexology appointment with Irene and tell my builder friends how pressing my feet stopped my back pain.

Keep your anonymity as others have if you wish but please do say your age, male or female & area where you live. Either 1st name, surname or initials is perfect.

Much Gratitude to all,

Irene x

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